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A work of literary masterpiece.
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Cover of 2076: A novel

2nd Draft Complete

Final Publication:

v1.0: 04-Jul-2007
v2.0: 13-Apr-2009
v2.1: TBD


95,000+ words

Speculative Fiction

Freedom of time
isn't free

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2076: A novel by Rob Van Dyk

About the Novel

2076 is set during the year of its title in a version of America where almost all of the critical infrastructure needed for a modern society has been automated. Everything from argiculture to medicine has been replaced by cleverly programmed robotic systems and the result enables the populance to enjoy a freedom of time.

In order to facilitate the automated systems and to establish strong communities, American civilization has evolved into a series of enormous Towers where everybody lives and plays. For the overwhelming majority, the society has many qualities that are utopian, and life is quite enjoyable.

The story in 2076 concerns the events of a small group of renegades who have a diverse set of personal issues with the leaders of the country who 'operate' the automated systems and the society, in general.

The heroes aim to unseat the highest level of America's governance (called High Operators) and take control so they can ensure that additional freedoms are available to the public.

Follow their story as Maggie Flanagan leads them against America's top level of authority to fight for the needs of their small group of talented adventurers.

2076 captures the feelings of a time where the masses are free to pursue whatever they want, but others are trapped in a world that isn't quite as utopian as it seems.

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Version 2.0 (April 13, 2009)

There are (currently) three PDF formats of this version:

Time permitting, more formats may be added in the future.


Version 1.0 (July 4, 2007)

There are three different PDF formats of this version:


About the Author

In addition to writing, Rob is a software engineer. He enjoys a wide variety of sports in his free time including golf, softball, tennis, running, basketball, and foosball. He claims proficiency at all of these, but skill towards none of them. He's also an avid fan of a spectrum of tabletop and video games. Some of his literary influences include Stephen King, Michael Crichton, George Orwell, and J.R.R. Tolkien. 2076 is Rob's first novel.